LOVE IT!!  I got my hair permanently straightened a week ago and LOVE it!   I used to do this years ago when I lived in LA and have had trouble finding anyone I feel has the experience I could trust, then I found Stephanie, who has been doing Japanese straightening for over 10 years.  The results are beautiful and flawless.  I have a crazy schedule and Stephanie was very flexible and was waiting for me with a smile when I arrived.  It's also nice when you find such a lovely, person to chat with, since the process (for me, since I have long, thick hair) was four hours.  I look forward to my touch-ups and working with Stephanie for years to come  I couldn't recommend her more highly!

THE BEST!  I moved here from NYC and couldn't find anyone to straighten my hair permanently. I have very curly bangs and like my hair straight but not fried. I have been going to Stephanie for about 10 years since I found her when I moved here. I use to get it straightened once a year but now I love it so much I do it twice a year, once in the beginning of summer and once in Dec. I have her do the special treatment on it first to keep it healthy. she spends a lot of time on my hair, has a lot of knowledge about vitamins and other things to keep my hair healthy and and answers my annoying texts that I send her with every little question about shampoo. She is a sweet person and fun to go to, I look forward to get my hair done by the best! 

NY to Charlotte! I thank God when summer comes along for Stephanie! She straightens my hair and always does an amazing job! Only one time did one spot not take and I called her and she was perfectly nice and got me right back in there and went over the spot and didn't charge me of course.  I am a recurring client and always will be She even gives me tips on the phone if I call and ask her something and I don't have an appointment. She is also one of the only people that does the specific straightening I get done on my hair in the entire area unless you want to fly to NYC.. Not only that but when I go there the experience is always fun because we share great stories together and she cracks me up! Highly recommend. Great price too for such a long treatment and she is on her feet the entire time! Stephanie is professional and really knows her stuff! unless u want to fly to NYC u have to go to Stephanie to get your hair straightened. no one else in the area does this. i have been a client for years and will be for the rest of my life.

PERFECT!!  I have been going to Stephanie for a year and a half now.  She's NEVER been late.  She's very professional.  She will make sure I don't leave unless my hair is perfect.  I have super frizzy curly hair.  The perfect description of my natural hair is that it looks like a bomb blew up in it.  I get the Brazilian Keratin and Thermal treatment every time I go to Stephanie.  She does a FANTASTIC job.. (which is why I go to her).  I've been to two other salons in Charlotte (ReSalon Salon & Spa and Modern Salon & Spa).  First of all, they charge entirely way too much.  They not only was beyond expensive, but my hair was still frizzy when they finished.  On top of that, I got the Japanese hair straightening which was supposed to be permanently straight and permanently frizz free, but my hair was crinkly frizzy after the treatment!!  Then I went to Modern Salon (after I waited for my hair to grow back out).  They would only do the Japanese straightening for my hair and refused to do the Keratin treatment.  That turned out better than Euphoria, but I STILL had to put a flat iron to it everyday because of the frizz!  After I let my hair grow out AGAIN.  I decided I was done with Japanese treatments and hoped that Stephanie would do the Keratin.  Did I say she's marvelous?  It was the first time my hair has been frizz free!  And the wonderful thing about the treatment is that I can wear it curly too with no frizz!!  I love it!!